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How To Find Sofia, Bulgaria’s Secret And Underrated Parties

A Sofia local's guide to finding the best underground parties in the Bulgarian capital—and where to dance, eat and drink if you can't get the scoop.

Sofia is one of Europe’s great but unsung places to hang out, eat and get drunk. It doesn’t rank among Europe’s premier rave destinations, but anybody who has attended one of the city’s phenomenal underground parties can attest to the fact that it can get pretty crazy there—and in a very unique way. A typical night out in Sofia doesn’t necessarily center on music. It rather involves a four-hour dinner followed by dedicated outdoor drinking during the summertime. You can only be sure that enough people will bother to attend anything indoors when it’s cold outside. Many parties are indeed dull affairs compared to drinking oblak in the park— that’s Sofia’s classic highball of ouzo mixed with liqueur du menthe, which tastes like mouthwash and is absorbed in quantities which most foreigners find disturbing. However, people appear unfazed by the intake and are open and friendly to visitors. That’s important, since most of the time you’ll depend on word of mouth to locate the places where the party’s at that night.

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