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City Guide: Tirana, Albania’s Best Bars And Nightclubs

We've pointed out the best bars and clubs in Tirana, Albania for anyone coming to town for EB's festival with Fatboy Slim on September 9.

Like many cities in Eastern Europe, Tirana has transformed since the early 1990s. Today it’s a mix of cultures and architectural styles from different eras in Albania’s history, from the Ottoman Empire to the 20th century Communist dictator Enver Hoxha—so there’s plenty for visitors to do in the city during the day. As for Tirana’s nighttime entertainment options, many are centered around bars rather than proper nightclubs, but you’ll certainly be able to find a club if you’re keen. In fact, we’ve listed a few below in a list of vibe-y hangouts you should visit while touring the Albanian capital, which is the site of Electronic Beats’ free gig with Fatboy Slim at Mother Teresa Square on September 9.

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