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Courtesy Lists The Club Music Labels Shaping Denmark’s Scene

Rising Copenhagen DJ and Apeiron Crew girl Courtesy celebrates the launch of her co-run label by naming 8 other fire new Danish house and techno imprints.

Last week my fellow Apeiron Crew member Mama Snake and I came out with the news that we’re starting a label together called Ectotherm. To be frank, launching an outpost for new music isn’t a very original move in Denmark’s electronic scene these days. In fact, a lot of superb new underground house and techno imprints have popped up recently in our wee country, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the newcomers in my peer group that I’m exceedingly excited about to supplement the guide to Copenhagen-based DJs I wrote a few months ago. I also report on these developments in my local scene with my monthly RBMA Radio show Scenery Copenhagen—so if the following list piques your interest, you know where to stay locked.