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Your Favorite DJs’ Best And Funniest Ricardo Villalobos Stories

Tales from Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth and more describe the magic of Ricky V.

Few people would deny that Ricardo Villalobos is a legend among DJs. His tripping, minimalist selections and endless productions—which include minimal classics like “808 The Bassqueen”, 30-minute mantras like “Fizheuer Zieheuer” and even some more ambient or downtempo excursions, like his latest record under his Richard Wolfsdorf moniker, Mdrnty 002—have basically created an entire scene of minimal and tech-house that extends from Ibiza to Romania and Moscow. And his flamboyant and excessive persona have only strengthened his myth and cult following. Deep selections, masterful mixing, distinctive mannerisms and an unidentifiable Ricardo magic make his DJ sets often remarkable and extremely impressionable (if sometimes controversial) experiences, which fact we’ve set out to prove by tapping a handful of DJs to tell us their tales of their favorite time they saw him play live.

Mdrnty 002 is out now on Mdrnty.