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City Pop: A Guide To Japan’s Overlooked ’80s Disco

Noted Osaka-based digger Mori Ra shows us the way through city pop, a smooth and futuristic '80s boogie sound virtually unknown outside of Japan.

City pop is a genre of Japanese popular music that was popular in the 1980s and featured a “cosmopolitan” image that appealed to those who benefited from the so-called post-war “economic miracle,” an economic boom that took place in Japan between the end of World War II and the Cold War. City pop can sound like anything from soft, album-oriented rock to sophisticated boogie disco, yet the term is often used in a narrow sense in Japan. It’s an established genre, and city pop records have been compiled in many published guide books for collectors. Outside of Japan, city pop might be viewed as general 1980s Japanese music, and now that Japanese music has become trendy, city pop has begun to be uncovered and even reissued. I have selected ten city pop songs for you to listen to, but to get a better understanding of the broader meaning of city pop and Japanese music, please listen to my Japanese Breeze mix series.