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The Artists Making Leipzig Germany’s Edgiest Techno Scene

Leipzig has developed one of the most exciting, experimental electronic music underworlds in Germany. A local producer names some of the best-kept secrets.

When it comes to German electronic music legacies, Leipzig is probably one of the last that comes to mind. Düsseldorf fostered pioneering outfits like Kraftwerk; Cologne was the site of the Kompakt-oriented revolution; Munich spawned clubbing institutions like Harry Klein and Rote Sonne; Frankfurt harbors a busy minimal scene centered around its famed Robert Johnson club; Berlin, of course, is popularly considered the techno capital. But Leipzig‘s contemporary electronic landscape rivals any other German city in excitement and creativity. Among the most exciting recent updates to take place in Leipzig’s clubland is the opening of a buzzed-about new nightclub, Insitut für Zukunft, where Telekom Electronic Beats will host an installment of our 2017 Clubnight series on January 20 with Christian Löffler.

A host of small artists and labels have also taken root in town, and chief among them is the odd Rat Life imprint. An offshoot of Dresden’s Uncanny Valley outpost, Rat Life has churned out a bunch of odd jams, the most recent of which comes from Leibniz, who authored the following guide to the constituents of Leipzig’s promising creative scene.

Cover photo of Institut für Zukunft via Thump. Click here for more information about Telekom Electronic Beats’ club night at IfZ with Christian Löffler and find the full list of Clunight tour dates here.