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The Nightclub Meets The Gallery In These Famous Works Of Art

Discover 11 artists contributing to the present convergence of art and nightlife, from Cory Arcangel's trance archive to Wolfgang Tillman's party photos.

120 years ago, impressionist painter Edouard Manet made A Bar at the Folies-Bergére, a realist-impressionist scene depicting a barmaid at the eponymous Paris nightclub. Today, clubbing might be less about trapeze artists, chandeliers and prostitution, but artists’ documentary urge hasn’t curbed. Recently, art institutions’ increasing interest in artist/DJ hybrids or curators who invite artists who lurk in nightclubs more often than museums has produced some interesting results. For instance, this summer New York’s New Museum invited NON Records to perform in their lecture hall, and this year’s Berlin Biennale is accompanied by a soundtrack, Anthem, which pairs artists and musicians for a series of singles, like Hito Steyerl with Juliana Huxtable and Fatima Al-Qadiri.

Some artists have made work specifically about their nightlife experiences. From capturing subcultural communities from the inside, to installations that mimic the electronic audio-visual sensations of clubbing, or the future of nightlife prophesied, here is a crash-course in contemporary art born of, displayed in, or inspired by the free and experimental space of the nightclub.