When Pop Met House: The Best Credible Remixes Of Pop Tunes

Discover the most outstanding examples of what happened when pop met house, from Masters At Work and M.K. to Mama Cass and Björk.

At some point in the early ’90s, house music left the underground and mingled with the mainstream. When it broke big, the major record labels began to search for ways to use it—and its remixers, DJs and producers—to add a dash of street cred to what would have otherwise been commercial club and pop music. This was not a new idea—in fact, it’s something that’s been happening since the disco years. And as it was with disco, house music was used as the framework to reformat pop songs as floor-friendly remixes with updated beats and grooves and more creatively adventurous b-side dubs that sometimes utilized very little from the original tune. Here are some outstanding examples of what happened when pop met house.

Cover photo of The Sugarcubes by Timothy White.


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