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The Most Mainstream Records Recently Released On Cassette

Did you know that there's a tape version of Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' out there?

Cassettes are most commonly thought of as a niche medium that catered to a nerdy audience of experimental music enthusiasts and freaks. But recently these little plastic boxes have made a comeback and seem to be on the brink of re-entering the mainstream once and for all. The format owes its recent gentrification in no small part to the world’s foremost hip-selling underground-appropriating corporate machine: Urban Outfitters. In recent years the one-stop indie shop has peddled more vinyl records than most other outlets and started to press their own, and now they’re adding tape to the empire. We’ve perused their shelves and beyond to find nine mainstream and/or major label records that recently saw a cassette release and thus have contributed to the medium’s much-hyped and sometimes exaggerated revival.