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We Found Some Of The Weirdest Releases On Discogs

Eohippus ‎– Getting Your Hair Wet With Pee (Velocity Of Sound, 2014)
Dive into Discogs' creepiest corners to find odd records that were housed in sandpaper, pressed with poop or hair, or reflect other strange ideas.

Discogs, the user-driven record database that rose to prominence partly thanks to rampant scalping and its comprehensive catalog of electronic music, turned 15 this week. To celebrate its anniversary, the site published an infographic of information about the most expensive records ever sold on its marketplace and the most collected releases, among other insights. Soon thereafter, they posted a tutorial on how to find obscure records in its archives, which dovetailed with my efforts to mine its creepiest caverns for the most disgusting, subversive and undeniably unique releases that question…basically everything.