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10 x 4 – Slap In The Bass

10 x 4 - Slap In The Bass Hungarian duo Slap In The Bass had a busy year in 2011 making a big impact with a whole load of remixes, amongst others for Crookers. The also released two EPs ‘Egypt’ and ‘Nada / Goma’ on No Brainer Records, whilst also playing in clubs across Europe. Blending elements of UK funky, Dutch house and global ghetto-tech their bass-heavy, tropical-influenced, twisted house tunes landed in the hands of the biggest DJs of the dance world.

Delivering their latest dancefloor banger they teamed up with Italian Keith Supabeatz duo, and the collaboration resulted in a new release ’Smoka’ EP alongside the remixes for the title track by His Majesty Andre, Douster, Astronomar and a bonus track by Hungarian fellow producer Jumo Daddy of Irie Maffia, and a B-side track ‘Exhale’. Slap on the back! Read our regular little quiz formula 10 x 4 with them.

Favourite part of the day to create?
K: Afternoon
G: Forenoon

Method or madness?
K: Both
G: Method

Most influential person?
K: Diplo
G: Bart B More

First musical love?
K: Blank & Jones
G: I don’t remember

Last musical love?
K: Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover
G: I have too much

One thing you cannot live with out?
K: Phone
G: Internet

One thing you would live without if you could?
K: Digital releases
G: There are too much things like this but for example cigarettes

Favourite instrument?
K: Conga
G: Piano

Eureka moment?
K: When I signed our first EP
G: When I first glanced at my girlfriend

Biggest surprise?
K: The chance to do a remix for Crookers
G: Our first gig abroad

Biggest disappointment?
K: A label cancelled our Ep 2 weeks before the release.
G: When money ruins a friendship

Love of your life?
K: Music
G: My Girlfriend

Secret tip?
K: Be individual
G: Live your dreams

Last thing that inspired you?
K: I don’t remember
G: Bart B More’s Australian Tour video (2012)

Bonus remix by Jumo Daddy

Smoka EP by Slap In The Bass is out now on No Brainer Records.

Published March 08, 2012. Words by Andras G. Varga.