Telekom Electronic Beats

Dark Sky

The London duo Matt Benyayer and Thomas Edwards, a.k.a. Dark Sky, rep the eclecticism and restless creativity of the UK capital city. Their sound has jumped around over the course of the project, touching on everything from 2-step garage to post-dubstep, ethereal techno and dashes of melodic deep house. And while they often pull from the musical lineage of London’s many musical movements, on other instances—like their 2014 debut for Monkeytown Records—they take on a variety of outer influences from the outermost contemporary dance music. Needless to say, Benyayer and Edwards like to keep listeners on their toes through a variety of styles.

Recently, they debuted a hardware-packed live set throughout a string of international festival and club appearances featuring live reworks and on-the-fly edits of their deep catalogue of originals and remixes. The duo dropped their long-awaited follow-up album Othona back on Monkeytown in April of 2017, fusing field recordings, modern techno, bass and glossy electronica into a diverse album subtly inspired by the rustic settings of the rural UK. Dark Sky’s dancefloor trips are powerful experiences that will have you locked in.