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There’s a musical chain that runs from the past through the present and into the future. The links in that chain, what holds things together, is the Timeline.  Timeline is a live band from Detroit that transcends genre. They call their soulful blend of musical styles “high tech jazz for forward-thinking music lovers.” Since their first record appeared in the early 2000s on the legendary Detroit label Underground Resistance, Timeline has taken on many forms, most recently as the combination of UR founder Mad Mike with keyboardist Jon Dixon and saxophonist DeSean Jones (both of whom hail from another Detroit supergroup Galaxy 2 Galaxy). Joined by UR DJ/producer Mark Flash, these four take elements of jazz and techno and combine them into something familiar, yet different. Once upon a time, jazz was the definition of innovation, dominating the dance clubs and opening people’s minds to infinite possibilities. It is in that spirit that Timeline continues the push forever forward!