Axa in Action: hotel art

Axa in Action: hotel art Hotels are peculiar places. Impersonal, fleeting, eerie but utterly fascinating. Take for instance the Chelsea Hotel, a debauched hotbed of creativity and one of New York’s legendary havens for contemporary art. Or the brilliantly deranged Jack Nicholson staggering in the non-descript environs of an isolated hotel in Kubrick’s The Shining. Then there’s the quintessential hotel-based comedy Four Rooms with each “room” directed by a different director (including Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino).

The concept of the weekend-long event Axa in Action is similar. Set in the functionalist hotel Axa, built in 1932, from Friday December 2 until Sunday 4, the hotel will transform into an ad-hoc arts space with each room being entrusted to creatives of various fields. Video art, installations, performances or parties are all awaiting the curious art guests.

Ghetto 13/26 will unleash their ‘post-avantgarde art’, while James Rutherford unveils his take on Sarah Kane’s final work 4:48 Psychosis. Kate Temple’s and Catherine Street’s Sounds from the Next Room “an experimental action that is open to risk” will suck you into its collaborative mindspace. Martin Parker’s sonic pieces for microphone and reactive computer system will also grace one of Axa’s Rooms.

AXA hotel
Na Po?í?í 40
Prague 1