Azari & III’s favorite things

Azari & III's favorite things “What do you need out of life?” This is the question we asked Azari & III recently, and the group got back to us with some of their favorite things, from directors to planetary bodies.

Technical Tools
Ideas, vintage Neve strips, 176 compressors, Neumann U47s and M49s, SSL G series buss comps, double dongs.

Films & Directors
Gaspar Noe, Vince Gallo, Fritz Lang. The documentaries FOOD INC and The Corporation. Melancholia. The talented young Canadian director Michael Dowse. The Book of Negroes.

Murikami’s Kafka by The Shore, The Journeyer by Gary Jennings.

Holiday Destinations
Negril, Jamaica. Amalfi, Italy. The Mayan ruin of Tulum. Planet X. New Orleans’ French Quarter. Muskoka Woods in Ontario. Jupiter’s moon Europa. Rwanda (you won’t regret it!)