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Breakbot's Fantasy

Published on August 3, 2011 15:18 Berlin Time

Breakbot's Fantasy  On the cover of the June edition of Mixmag you may spot a new face amongst the identikit “DJ’s are the new rockstars” Ed Banger crew. The face of Breakbot. I can honestly say (with little shame) I haven’t listened in earnest to an Ed Banger record since the Joakim remix of DJ Mehdi’s Pocket Piano, and funnily enough the next Ed Banger record I will be enjoying is also in remix form – Jaques Renault‘s re-rub of Breakbot’s new single ‘Fantasy’. Taking on the insipid pop-house of the original he turns the track into a wonky filter-disco workout complete with kooky eighties rollerskating video which is pretty hard to resist. Take a look below.