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Brenmar Gold Bricks mix

Brenmar Gold Bricks mix

NYC producer Brenmar just dropped a sick new mix for The Fader, packed full of the kind of bass-heavy, sex-ready tracks guaranteed to get you laid. Here’s what he says about it:

"The mix is my vibe, the Brenmar aesthetic put into a mix. House, hip-hop, R&B, bass music, and regional club styles (Bmore, Jersey club, footwork) all on the same mix. A lot of new young US producers on this one and some of my current UK favs. I try to strike a balance between a certain level of accessibility and fun while still pushing new sounds and ideas. I love new music. Can’t forget about the girls either, it always comes back to them. Cause if they ain’t having fun…we ain’t having fun.”

We feel it, son. Check the mix below.

Gold Bricks Fader Mix (NEW 2011!!!!) <—click 4 tracklist by BRENMAR