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Brian Eno delivers second album for Warp

Published on April 19, 2011 18:40 Berlin Time
Brian Eno delivers second album for Warp

Brian Eno is to deliver his second album for Warp later this year. Following last year’s Small Craft on a Milk Sea which was well received by Eno and Warp fans alike (actually, I can’t imagine the two groups are mutually exclusive at all) he is now preparing Drums Between The Bells.

This next adventure with the Sheffield label is a collaborative effort between himself and Rick Holland who is a poet Eno first met in the nineties. The pair have worked together before, but nothing until now has made it’s way out the studio. The the album is said to be made up of Holland’s poetry spoken over Eno’s music.

Head over to Warp’s Soundcloud page to hear the track ‘Glitch’ and let us know what you think.