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Che and Frida as hipsters

Published on February 16, 2012 17:52 Berlin Time

Che and Frida as hipsters Ever wondered what music Salvador Dalí would listen to if still alive today? According to Chilean artist Fabian Ciraolo he would prefer Vampire Weekend, Cleopatra would have a Justice tattoo on her chest and Frida Khalo would be ecstatic about the new Daft Punk album we’ve written about recently. Illustrator Ciraolo has played with the appearance of the most famous modern icons, and tried to figure out how they would look like if they were still active today. One thing’s for sure, they would all look a bit hipster-ish and adopt pop and kitsch culture elements into their personalities. Take a look at Che Guevara‘s slim fit jeans, Jesus‘s new Casio watch or Dorothy‘s sleeve tattoo, and then move on to other examples of Ciraolo’s outstanding work here.