Clandestine cinema

Clandestine cinema The instructions arrive in an email: meet at a certain place, usually totally random, such as an estate on the outskirts of Prague or some industrial off-space. There’s a strict dress code faithful to the movie plot; if you call yourself a film buff, you’ll be pretty certain about the title of the film that you’re going to see. If the concept sounds familiar, it’s because it’s borrowed from the British enterprise Secret Cinema, which brings mystery movies to unusual locations around London and the UK.

Last time I took part at Cinema Royal (the Prague version of Secret Cinema), we were led by limping flesh-eating zombies through one of the ugliest Prague estates into a suburbian shopping mall, where the slightly shocked shoppers were exposed to a bunch of weirdos eager to find out where exactly is their ad-hoc cinema (it was on the first floor of the said mall). We were going to see the cult classic Dawn of the Dead.

This time, on Friday 23 September 2011, the journey starts at Smíchov train station. Guests must arrive clad in black formal wear with a hint of gold on it. What’s more, you can also win a real gold bar, which might come handy these days.

Check out the zombie trail I took part in.