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Coral Records releases new Fire For Effect single

Coral Records releases new Fire For Effect single We’re basking in some golden-ass sunshine today, folks. No, not outside in Reality where the clouds huddle thick; we’re treating our ears to a day at ‘The Beach’. Fire For Effect, the Kansas-cum-LA reefhead who helped found the burgeoning seapunk trend, has just dropped a brand new single on his Coral Records label. It’s a tidal wave of a jam, complete with watery 8-bit stabs and a tropical techno beat that will have you shrugging off fall sweaters and slipping into swimtrunks faster than you can say ‘this year’s microgenre’. The single comes with two remixes and the poppin’ slammer ‘E.M.P’, and you can stream it and buy it below in the usual way.

“Whoa, hold up!” you say. “I’m a buff + cool bro and I literally can’t get enough stuff. How about something totally free? That would be rad as heck.” Dang. Okay. No problem, because Fire For Effect has also just released the third volume of his #Seapunk mix series. Listen and download here.

Published September 27, 2011.