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Damir Doma creeps hard

Published on August 29, 2011 15:49 Berlin Time

Damir Doma creeps hard Creepers. They pretty much go with everything, and the iconic black version is probably one of my favorite shoes. So when Damir Doma debuted his A11 runway collection back in March and these custom gems adorned the feet of so many of the models…well, I kind of lost my shit. Months spent anticipating these beautiful, unique creepers led me to now, when they’re finally released….strictly as a women’s shoe. Damn.

Regardless of how annoying this is, at least I can appreciate them from afar. With a beautiful streamlined shape, a perfectly-contrasting tan lining and thick, thick crepe soles, these are pretty much the bottom line in must-have designer weirdwear. See you later, Prada oxfords.