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Destroy Culture!

Published on February 17, 2012 10:02 Berlin Time

Destroy Culture! There are few things we love more than reconceptualization/re-appropriation of pop symbols and culture; naturally, a name like Destroy Culture is bound to make our brain-boner twitch. The London art and party collective describe themselves as ‘massive ejaculation of cultural entropy; Destroy Culture aims to break down the oppressive boundaries of genre and scene that have caused London’s creative party scene to stagnate’. They look damn good while doing it, too, thanks to a new collaboration with New York’s NVR MND.

The DSTRY YR MND collection features the symbols of Imperial culture transformed: Mickey becomes the antichrist, acid culture gets turned upside down, and black metal logos bounce to Britney. It’s the perfect example of how the visual world is being shaped and reformed, new meaning given to ancient symbols. Not the death of culture, but a rebirth.