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Diplo’s new track features Nicky Da B

Diplo’s new track features Nicky Da B Even though some may argue Diplo is on the dark side now, for me the Gringo from Philadelphia still represents the more positive aspects of globalization. Sure, we’ve got the Internet, which is a never-ending fountain of different musical styles from all around the globe, but a curator like Diplo really helps. He is the one, who comes up with another promising artist from a region you probably haven’t even heard of yet.

As it happened with his new ass-bouncing track ‘Express Yourself’ featuring Nicky Da B. And as fate would have it, the young guy who thinks of himself as the next generation of Bounce Rappers like Big Freddia and Katey Red will play a show with Diplo at SXSW. Later this month his entire album Please Don’t Forget Da B will be released for free.

Published March 14, 2012.