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EB Premiere: Dave.i.d – “ZuluBash” (Front 242 Zulu Scar Remix)

[15.07.2021. Content warning: an article published by J.-H. Kabuiku on July 9th 2021 points out Dominick Fernow’s consistent links with metal and noise artists, bands, labels and productions using pedophilia and sexual violence imagery, listing a number of regular collaborators explicitly affiliated with National Socialism and white power ideology. More on this here]

Like the immaculately dressed lustchild of Tricky and Cabaret Voltaire, London’s Dave.i.d has returned with his first release since his 2011 debut Response. He already had our ears throbbing with last year’s slice of soulfully industrial post-punk “Soul Reprise“, the first taste of his upcoming EP Exhibition. Then he blew us away with the dancefloor killer “ZuluBash“. For his finishing move, Dave wrote us and asked us if we wanted to premiere a remix of it—done by Patrick Codenys of Belgian EBM legends Front 242. Our response? “HELL YES.”

Under the hand of Codenys, the atmospheric pumping fury of the original becomes a sick, twisted version of itself. Static pulses in and out as metallic crashes beat lurchingly; the overall effect is of some monstrous machine given life before it explodes into a fury of crushed synths—yet it remains, somehow, even more gloriously danceable than the original.

You can catch Dave.i.d on February 18th at the ICA in London with Luke Abbot as part of ICA / NTS present Palindrome curated by Trevor Jackson.

The Exhibition EP is out via MMW1 and Federal Prism on March 10th and also includes remixes by Vatican Shadow, Raudive, and Dave.i.d himself. 

Published February 12, 2014.