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Editor’s Choice: May 4, 2013

[15.07.2021. Content warning: an article published by J.-H. Kabuiku on July 9th 2021 points out Dominick Fernow’s consistent links with metal and noise artists, bands, labels and productions using pedophilia and sexual violence imagery, listing a number of regular collaborators explicitly affiliated with National Socialism and white power ideology. More on this here]

Editor’s Choice is our highly personal and subjective weekly rundown of the freshest music straight out the internet—the stuff that’s that’s been reverberating through EBHQ, feeding our music-addled souls and ensuring our hard drives are always on their last legs. Like most addicts, we need our enablers, and we want to share the music with you. Are you down with that? Good.


Lisa Blanning (Online Editor)

Dizzee Rascal & Bun B – “H Town” (Prod by A-Trak & Oligee)

Dizzee may have gone mainstream, but that hasn’t truly affected his ear, as his DirteeTV mixtapes—where this track debuted before Christmas—have proven. However, as a celebrity, he gets to collaborate with people like UGK’s Bun B, who I imagine is something of a hero for him. Hot production by A-Trak and Oligee makes “H-Town” a delicious UK/US mash of flavors.


Louise Brailey (Deputy Online Editor)

Los Porcos – “Do You Wanna Live?”

Wu Lyf were one of the best bands to emerge in the last few years but the shadowy collective disbanded when their leader-elect left with a flourish—and quite a pretentious open letter. No matter, because Los Porcos has the remaining members redirect their petulant weirdness into this loping, Kindness-esque medicated funk number. It’s way too long, but that’s part of its charm; the incessant chorus-verse-chorus overshooting pleasure-pleasure around the five minute mark and creeping into pleasure-pain—but oh! Such a sweet pain. By the way, if anyone sees the Wucifix on Craigslist, let me know.


Daniel Jones (Contributing Editor)

Violetshaped/Vatican Shadow/Roly Porter/Kangding Ray – The Remixes Part 1

Shapednoise is one-half of the duo Violetshaped, and his recent set at my collaborative party PURGE absolutely blew the crowd away. That makes sure this collaboration and any associated remixes (and especially any done by the glorious Vatican Shadow) are currently chilling near the top of my ListenList.

Keep Shelly In Athens – “Madmen Love” (Mike Simonetti Remix)

The Greek band’s latest single, a dubbed-up and skittering creature of melancholic electronics, is certainly their darkest, so naturally I’m all over it. The new remix by Italians Do It Better and Troubleman Unlimited labelhead Mike Simonetti ditches the bass for a slab of nighttime neon. It’s perfect for Ferrari drives in the dark, shady motels, and apparently sitting at your desk waiting for lunch.


Michael Lutz (Magazine Duty Editor)

Dinos Chapman – “I’m This Idiot” (Actress Remix)

Dinos Chapman’s first proper LP Luftbobler has been in the making for a good ten years. And as if this wasn’t enough, I slept on it for another couple of weeks. Here, Actress remixes the track “I’m This Idiot”, which is included as a bonus on the highly limited and unfortunately insanely pricey vinyl version of this rad album. It also appears on the two-track EP Remixed / Remastered that The Vinyl Factory just released in an edition of 500 copies.

Published May 03, 2013.