Eleven Objects collars

Eleven Objects collars Remember when the idea of a separate collar was limited to the world of cheesy ’90s chokers and played-out punkisms? Thanks to Eleven Objects and their attention-grabbing (yet elegant) collars, the world of neck accessorizing has a new player. Started by Linh Thi Do and Christine Rhee, Eleven Objects released their debut collection this year, and already they’ve become one of the most talked-about new labels in the business. With a line that ranges from simplistic silk to the extravagant Swarovski crystal-studded, there’s something for any occasion; we particularly love the leopard-print calf hair collar. The pieces work perfectly on basic collarless shirts and tees, adding a touch of sleek, unique glamor to even the plainest button-up. Put it on a regular collared shirt: now you have TWO collars?? Major charisma+vitality bonus, double-decker player getting the most attention at the hottest parties. You’re cool collar ballin’.