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Honest Jon’s to put out new Vladislav Delay project


Once again the people at Honest Jon’s have struck gold, signing one of Finland’s most innovative electronic artists: Vladislav Delay.

Delay, also known by the real name Sasu Ripatti, has put together a four-piece known as the Vladislav Delay Quartet which would see a self-titled album released in May. The Berlin based Mika Vainio, who is also one half of Pan Sonic, will be setting up shop with Delay alongside Delay mainstays Derek Shirley and Lucio Capece.

The label Honest Jon’s has always been one of our favourites around here, recently releasing the Shangaan record which we loved, as well as putting out King Midas Sound and the Moritz Von Oswald Trio record.

In the last decade, Delay has been the master of aliases, donning guises such as Bright People, Conoco, Luomo, Sasu Ripatti, Sistol and Uusitalo. His 2010 release On The Bright Side was released under his Sistol moniker.

The self-titled debut was recorded in the Radio Yugoslavia studios in Belgrade, Serbia and the music is said to have “mostly acoustic and has strong jazz influences but also of noise, ambient, electronics and more.”

Have a peek at one of their performances from 2009:

Honest Jon’s will release the Vladislav Delay Quartet’s self-titled debut in May

Published March 09, 2011.