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How Convinient? Yes, it is!

How Convinient? Yes, it is! With help from Croatian label Home Made Electronica, Zagreb-Based quintet How Convinient have just released their first album SeXeS. The liaison of pathos that comes from new romanticism of the early 80s and sophisticated modern production tends to keep an initial discourse of lo-fi estheticism. SeXes tells us a story through 11 high quality electropop songs. Following in the footsteps ofMiss Kitten and Chicks on Speed with the panache of ’90s-era New Order, How Convinient have every necessary ingredient to dominate Zagreb’s club audience.

How Convinient will be opening the Electronic Beats Zagreb festival at the end of November, until then you can listen to SeXeS here.

Published November 01, 2011.