10 Tracks That Define The Techno Sound Of Bassiani According To Club Resident HVL

HVL's new album 'Rhythmic Sonatas' will be released by Bassiani's own in-house label on April 15.

Words by Gigi Jikia
Photos by George Nebieridze

HVL (a.k.a. Gigi Jikia) has had a profound influence on the sound that’s come to define Tbilisi nightclub Bassiani (previously covered by Electronic Beats here), as well as its resident queer party, Horoom Nights. Since the club’s launch, the resident DJ and producer has become known for crafting atmospheres full of intense and spiraling techno cuts. His impact on the spirit of the club has even bled into the Bassiani in-house imprint, where he’s releasing his forthcoming LP, Rhythmic Sonatas.

To further explain his musical vision—and the dance floor sound that’s risen rapidly in popularity over the last year—Jikia created a guide to the broken electro, classic techno tools and euphoric floor-closers that can be heard regularly in the club hidden beneath Tbilisi’s national stadium. Check them all out below.

Area, “Entireless” (Tesuji 2016)

“Area is a good friend of mine from Chicago, running one of my most beloved labels, Kimochi, and making loads of awesome tracks. I have worked with him several times and am looking forward to our future collaborations.”

Machine Woman, “Camile From OHM Makes Me Feel Loved” (Technicolour 2017)

“I love everything that Ana does. She has a kind, energetic and vibrant personality which is reflected in her music. I play loads of her percussive tracks in my sets. Banging stuff!”

Rings Around Saturn, “Synchrotron” (Unthank 2017)

“This has been my go-to electro track for a while. I usually stop mixing and stand back to enjoy it properly since it’s filled with such euphoric pleasure. Shout-out to Firecracker Recordings and Unthank for consistently putting out great music. I’m a big fan.”

Daniel Andréasson, “82349“ (Autodidakt Records 2013)

“This acid tune has been received with a lot of cheering on the Horoom floor. Daniel makes my favorite kind of techno and he’s super prolific. I recommend checking him out.”

Link, “Aurora” (Symbiotic 1993)

“This is a well-aged classic—I’m really happy to have this record. I hope to collect Link’s full discography someday.”

Chevel, “Thoughts Collision” (Enklav. 2012)

“I really like Chevel’s unique sound. The track ‘Thoughts Collision’ is a Horoom treat for me. It’s from his own label, Enklav., which has a ridiculously good catalogue of records.”

Lubin, “Ladybugs” (Kimochi 2017)

“I buy any record with Lubin’s name on it. I was happily surprised to hear other DJs dropping this track at Bassiani as well. He’s put out quite a large amount of music in his signature style of techno.”

TSVI, 112345678“ (Enklav. 2016)

“5! Work it! 6! Work it! 5! Work it! 6! Now!”

Unknown Artist, “Track 2” (Keep Your Mouth Shut 2016)

“This is a handy 606 tool that I’ve used countless times.”

Dead Fader, “Tap” (Elephant Records 2014)

“Dead Fader is one of my recent favorite producers. I love his melodic style and inventive percussions. I did a remix of his anthemic track “opacity”, which comes out soon on Tesuji. Watch out for that one.”