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It’s Riton Time!

It's Riton Time! Henry Smithson is one of dance music’s more interesting characters. As Riton he has morphed from making broken beat sample house on Grand Central, to full on electro-clash (eeek) on his album Homies and Homos, released countless 12″s and remixes and crafted a tiny masterpiece of orchestrated twilight music on Eine Kleine Nacht Musik. Ever restless he then embarked on the Carte Blanche project with DJ Mehdi which saw the pair tour the world playing festivals and clubs with their homage to Chicago house. And now? Well now, it’s Riton Time as Smithson explains in a rather tongue in cheek press release;

“What better time could there be to make it rain money in the music industry? I’ve been studying the business models of all the labels I’ve previously been signed to. Ed Banger, Turbo, Modular, DFA, Get Physical, Phantasy Sound and Atlantic, and decided that I would have a go myself. I’ll divide my time equally between editing and recording, designing my own fashion line, cologne and action figure range.

I mean how difficult can it be?”

With collaborations lined up with the likes of Canblaster, Cocknbullkid, Sneaky Sound System, Scru Fizza, the first single is a collaboration with Shani Cuppcake, which is backed with a Wafa remix

‘DARK PLACE’/’A.C.P.’, is due to be released on August 15th 2011

RITONTIME001 by Riton

Published July 26, 2011.