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Joyce Muniz loves the morning

Published on November 1, 2011 14:00 Berlin Time

Joyce Muniz loves the morning She’s selected as one of the artists to watch for 2011 by Beatport, her last single ‘Malica’ went through the roof, and she is probably the most important female musicians in Austria when it comes to techno and house music. Her EP Pulp Fiction just got released on Exploited and we never dare to miss one of her enthusiastic DJ sets. You probably already got it: we love her.

That said, we have to admit the video for her new single ‘Morning Love’ is pretty weird. It’s a string of bad clichés, starting with a weird scene showing Joyce and some guy waking up in bed and ending with them driving off into the sunset. All this plus a few cloth changes for the dude. Watch it and decide for yourself.