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Justus Köhncke & Alexis Taylor are ‘Sorry’ to sing-jay in Europe

Justus Köhncke & Alexis Taylor are 'Sorry' to sing-jay in Europe As our favourite geek pop outfit Hot Chip is taking a break from music at the moment, the various member’s side projects are coming into focus again: there’s New Build, The 2 Bears, About Group, lanark, Greco-Roman, Booji Boy High, Silent Jeffs, and of course all of the Chips playing and DJ’ing solo. Frontboy Alexis Taylor teamed up with Germany’s disco and house producer extraordinaire Justus Köhncke for a collaborative single and now they’ll be playing a bunch of “sing-jaying” shows in Europe.

The Hot Chip singer and the former Whirlpool Productions member recorded a fun take on Justus’ 2007 disco smash-hit ‘Parage’ (off the album Safe and Sound) a while back, the track ‘Sorry‘ sees Alexis Taylor sing alongside the 1970s string section and the zappy synth arrangements. ‘Sorry’ was released on Kitsuné Maison‘s 2010 Firework’s Issue compilation, and will be now extended by four sing-jaying events in Essen, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Oslo.

We’re not too sure what excactly to expect, but we’re sure it has to do with entertaining house, techno and garage tunes, disco classics, much cheering and great fun (just as in the video below from Przemiany Festival 2011). Besides the Taylor/Köhncke dates, The 2 Bears and New Build will be playing shows in Europe, find all dates here. Also if you happen to be in Los Angeles in September, make sure to visit Hot Chip live at their just announced show at Hollywood Bowl.

Alexis Taylor & Justus Köhncke Live:
February 18th DE Essen – Hotel Shanghai
February 24th DE Berlin – Kantine am Berghain (Pet Shop Bears)
March 9th DK Copenhagen – Simons
March 10th NO Oslo – Jaeger

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Published January 25, 2012.