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Kiki Hitomi: My favorite album covers

Published on November 2, 2011 12:29 Berlin Time

Kiki Hitomi: My favorite album covers We knew that Kiki Hitomi had a background in illustration and design, so who better to ask about album covers? The King Midas Sound vocalist weighs in on the album designs that inspire and influence her.

London Is The Place For Me Part 2
My second hometown, London city. I even have this poster in my room. Such a survivalist place to live; it gave me a hard time but also inspiration. This cover always encourages me and keeps me pushing. So many great songs! Honest Jon’s Records always have great releases full of amazing artwork and covers. I don’t know who did the art for this album but Will Bankhead does lots of artwork for Honest Jon’s, and he also recently did the art for our remix of Shackleton‘s ‘Deadman’. (below)

King Tubby Meets Jacob Miller- In A Tenement Yard
I wish I made this cover!! Whenever I see it, I want to stand in the center of a circle of Moogs and look up at the universe and hope someone takes pictures of me from above. The album is crazy too. A definite must-buy.

Jacob Miller & Ray I – Natty Christmas
Christmas is coming soon! This is such a great album and I listen to it every December. How could you go wrong with Jacob as Santa holding a ganja Christmas tree?