KORRES: October’s scent

KORRES: October's scent Now that summer is over, I say goodbye to my beloved, subtly citrusy YSL La Nuit de L’Homme. The search for a new Fall scent is always a tough one, but this year one fell right in to my lap. KORRES is a line of natural body products from Athens, Greece, and their saffron amber/agarwood/cardamom body spray is perfect for your yearly residence in the October Countries. Smokey like burning leaves and cinnamon, this scent is warm and very ‘clean’. It’s subtle enough that it can be applied liberally without fear, while not being underwhelming if all you want is a scent for more intimate encounters. It’s also good for just basic things; a quick spritz to the pits keeps your stink-stash cucked for general activities. Best of all, every KORRES product is all natural. I hope this scent does as much for you as it did me: ‘You gotta let ‘em know’ – Queen Latifah, a women my mother once sat next to on an airplane.