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Long lost McCartney balearic gems gets released

Published on March 30, 2011 12:47 Berlin Time
Long lost McCartney balearic gems gets released

For all those who don’t know who Paul McCartney is, he’s some guy who used to play in a band called The Beatles, small little rock n’ roll band.

In his spare time post-The Beatles he experimented with the early formations of Balearic dance music, not many people are aware of this as it wasn’t his most popular work.
A 12" white label EP will be coming out soon entitled ‘BALEARIC RARITIES 1’ which exposes most of the stuff he was creating in the late 70s, whilst fiddling with all the new and innovative electronic instruments entering the market.

Folklore has it that the title track ‘Check My Machine’, which I should add is totally amazing, was made when he turned on his machine for the first time, just to see if it worked. The only time it was ever officially released was in Brazil in 1980 on a single 12".

McCartney’s balearic working has earned him a cult following with many of todays contemporary masters like DJ Harvey & Dixon (who named his last mix CD Temporary Secretary). Most of the tracks below were released around the time of his solo LP McCartney II in 1980.

We think there will only be a limited amount of copies of BALEARIC RARITIES 1 but you can grab it right here for 7 quid.

In the meantime lets all hate McCartney for the consistent genius that he is by listening to ‘Check My Machine’:


A1. Check My Machine
A2. Blue Sway
A3. Sunshine Sometime (Unreleased Instrumental)
B1. Temporary Secretary
B2. Frozen Jap (Unreleased Version)
B3. Front Parlour (Unreleased Version)