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Mario Zoots: Visual Magick

Published on November 29, 2011 11:27 Berlin Time

Mario Zoots: Visual Magick Mario Zoots is a man of many dimensions. You might know him as the enigmatic 1/2 of Modern Witch, but he’s also soul-deep in the world of the visual as well as aural. His collage work, both digital and paper, drips with the sub-mainstream fetishism of internet culture, in essence becoming a fractured prism into the way we view our world: auras expand outward from the head, flowers and crystallized shards blossoming where eyes and lips once where. Zoots reveals the true faces that lurk just below reality.

Drippy Bone Books is another one of his co-creations, a DIY publishing company for underground comics, art books and zines. With a marvelous selection of rarities and up-and-coming graphic artists and writers, it’s something that’s indispensable in a time when real culture and creativity deserve a place to call home. Zoots is a man who supports weird. We can relate.