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New Black Devil Disco club features host of unexpected collaborations

Published on February 7, 2011 14:13 Berlin Time
New Black Devil Disco club features host of unexpected collaborations

Pulsating rhythms and voodoo grooves – the Black Devil Disco Club are back with a third album and it features a dizzying array of guests.

Black Devil Disco Club was an obscure studio project that became lost in the annals of time. The project was then ‘re-discovered’ and bought back to life via a chance find of an original record at a car boot sale. The ‘club’ then went onto become torch bearers for the underground disco revival seen in the last few years. In the process the studio-only outfit morphed into a live band and was subtly updated by the only original member – Bernard Fevr. A re-issue of the original record, some choice 12"s and follow up album 28 Later were all released to general acclaim.

Now a second new album – Circus is in the works, and it features an array of collaborations that you coulndn’t make up if you tried. The Horrors, Nancy Sinatra, Afrika Bambaataa, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Nancy Fortune, Poni Hoax‘s Nicolas Kerr and members of Yacht are all due to guest on the band’s third full length.

Which sounds like it could be utterly amazing. Or car crash bad. Take a listen to ‘My Screen’ with Nicolas Kerr below and see what you think. (Follow this link for a free download of the same track).

Circus will be relased on April 12th via Lo Recordings