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Omar Souleyman’s wedding tapes from Syria

Omar Souleyman's wedding tapes from Syria Cult Syrian musician Omar Souleyman is something of a star in the Middle East thanks to the fascinating melodies and wild grooves he’s been laying down in both Arabic and Kurdish since 1994. As reported earlier on Electronic Beats, this year he has already put his hands on a Björk remix and toured the summer-festival season pretty heavily.

Now Sublime Frequencies’ friend/collaborator Mark Gergis’ vinyl-only label Sham Palaces is releasing Souleyman’s legendary Leh Jani on November, 22nd, though the track already had a cassette-only release in Syria as a 30-minute song with two additional tracks. Check Omar’s upcoming tour dates here and see the tracklist below:

Side 1: Introduction / Mawal (15:15)
Side 2: Salamat Galbi Bidek (14:04)
Side 3: Leh Jani – Part 1 (14:20)
Side 4: Leh Jani – Part 2 (15:55)

Published November 04, 2011.