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Physical Therapy moves closer to paradise

Physical Therapy moves closer to paradise Fuzzy break-beats and a pulsating sheen of post ‘ardcore glamour are the order of the day on Elite Gymnastic’s ‘So close to Paradise. The Minneapolis based production crew have been on something of a run lately with their Ruin 1 & 2 joint EP’s, and ‘So Close to Paradise’ will be appearing on the third instalment of the series which, like the first two, will be free to download. There will also be a physical release on Acéphale. You can grab the original track, over at Stereogum and the epic Physical Therapy remix (with a totally non-naff sounding Faithless sample – go figure) below.

Elite Gymnastics, “So Close To Paradise 3 (Physical Therapy Remix)” MP3 by The FADER

Published November 09, 2011.