Played Out: Inside The Magic Of Eli Verveine’s Groovy DJ Sets

PLACE: Ministerium Club, Lisbon
TIME: Around 4 AM

This is part of a four-hour set I played in January at Ministerium, a beautiful mid-sized club in Lisbon that’s situated in a building previously occupied by Portugal’s Ministry of Finance. It was a lovely vibe on the dance floor, and I felt the audience was open-minded to more subtle grooves.

1. Youandewan, “Bad Orb” (Eclipser Chaser 2016)

“Bad Orb” by Youandewan has this lovely round and warm groove, and I just wanted to let it ride for a while. The crowd seemed to understand my intention and got lost in the great simplicity of it.

Listening in the headphones, I looking for the part where the pure beat of “Al Capote” is running. Then I slam the new track in with the EQ flat whilst simultaneously cutting the bass of “Bad Orb”. Now the new groove is taking over, with the cut-up vocals slowly blending into the mix.

2. Seuil, “Al Capote” (Eklo 2015)

With “Al Capote” by French producer Seuil I wanted to change up the groove slightly. It has this irresistible swing to it that immediately moves all the hips in the club.  I can see the dancers’ movements subtly change as they feel the new rhythm.

The next track is rather smoothly mixed in. I blend the two tracks until the main chord and the hi-hats of “Petit” take over, and for a while I enjoy how it sounds mixed in with the groove of the previous track.

3. Culture Hub, “Petit” (Invisible Circles 2014)

Love this track! The kicking beat and the hi-hat are the driving key elements. The chords provide a dreamy, floating side to it. Makes you wanna dance with your eyes closed.

Now it’s time for a really long blend, as the toolish character of “Liksom” is quite inviting in that respect. I kick the track in a few times with the bass cut, and later on I quickly switch between the lows of the old and new tracks. 

4. Dorisburg, “Liksom” (Bossmusik 2014)

“Liksom” is an amazing beat tool by the extremely talented Dorisburg from Sweden. The drums destroy the dance floor each time I play it.

I’m changing now into a more broken beat. A long and smooth transition makes sense here, so I can let the dreamy melody slowly take over.

5. Solitary Dancer, “Desire & Apathy” (Graded 2016)

The electro beat punches the dance floor. I wanted to continue with a heavier beat, but get back to the dreamier mood I created earlier with the Culture Hub track. The melancholic melody reminds me a little of Aphex Twin. Such a gorgeous track by Montreal-based act Solitary Dancer.

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