Telekom Electronic Beats

Episode 95

Art in times of Russian war in Ukraine


“We never wanted the war, never. ”

“We never wanted the war, never. ”
This special episode of the Electronic Beats Podcast is dedicated to the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine.
Our Host Julia Boxler leads through 4 separate conversations which discuss topics like defence of European values, Art as religion or resistance in exile and reveal stories like Kyivs nightclubs turning into bomb shelters or plans like fusing international pop and Ukrainan folk archives.
Listen to these voices to understand the thoughts, needs and demands of directly affected cultural agents.
The guests are: Liza Riabinina, a professional dancer from Apache Crew in Kyiv, the Ukrainian popstar Jerry Heil, Transnistiran born actor and model Valeriia Karaman, label owner Paul Georg from Berlin and Russian oppositional journalist and director Denis Kataev. 
Please note – this podcast was recorded remotely over the internet so please excuse any sound quality reduction experienced while listening.