Telekom Electronic Beats

Episode 67

Johanna Jaskowska


“When my work went viral on Instagram I was super mega overwhelmed and alone.”

“When my work went viral on Instagram I was super mega overwhelmed and alone.”

In this week’s episode of the Telekom Electronic Beats Podcast, host Gesine Kühne talks to French AR artist Johanna Jaskowska. She explores new technical possibilities and how they can change and improve our perception of reality. @johwska, as she calls herself on Instagram, became known for her Instagram Face filters, with which she has succeeded in taking the art of those to a new level. Her best-known filter, Beauty3000, causes users to look like plastic cyborg creatures. It went viral and catapulted Jaskowska into worldwide fame within a very short time. Stars and brands from the beauty, fashion, music, lifestyle, and automotive sectors became aware of the young Frenchwoman and wanted to work with her ever since. In the podcast, the young creative gives insights into her life and talks about her ups and downs and her work, which constantly deals with possible futures. It is the 28-year-old’s wish to help shape and form the future. One source of inspiration is the handling of social media, especially of the youngest generation, because, in her opinion, it indicates the influence technology will have on the future. In the episode, Jaskowska explains why to her everyone today is already a type of cyborg and what inspires her to create her filters or virtual fashion. She describes how she imagines her own future and what goals she is striving for.

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