Telekom Electronic Beats

Episode 89

Trashymuse - metaverse, digital fashion and immersive technology


“We can create with the metaverse our own world with the values we have.”

“We can create with the metaverse our own world with the values we have.”
Trashymuse co-founders Carina Bucspun & Ann Britt Dittmar sat down with Electronic Beats host Jack for our latest podcast, introducing us to their NextGencommunity which is dedicated to fashion and urban lifestyle. Trashymuse brings together the offline and online world through platforms such as instagram and most importantly the metaverse, where users, brands and creators can come together, connect and support each others creativity. They also work with clients on sponsored events and workshops within the metaverse, allowing easy access to people all over the globe to learn and even become part of the creativity themselves.
The pair told us ‘’Normally we are always in groups and seperated: Sexuality, religion all this kinds, that seperate us or borders. Its just elimated in the Metaverse.’’ and through this philosophy they hope for users to cross paths in this new digital world with people they may never have a chance to meet offline and to provide a platform, community and opportunity to earn money for the many creative talents participating from all over the world in creating digital fashion, 3d items and more. Tune in to find out more about this fascinating company and its endeavours into this alternate universe.