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Polyklinik debuts on Svetlana Industries

Polyklinik debuts on Svetlana Industries More dubstep from Hungary. Belgrade based Svetlana Industries has just released ‘The + EP’, an enigmatically titled new five track EP by Polyklinik. Matyas Lendvai, aka Polyklinik is an artist from Budapest who loves analogue synths and drum machines. According to the cryptic info on the site, this EP charts his progress from a more optimistic dubstep sound to a grittier vibe. It’s true, ‘The + EP’ does take you on a nice little journey, starting off on some pretty basic reggae inspired sounds and then after a sharp turn heads straight for the centre of a rather dark rainforest. The second half of the EP is not only noticeably darker it also has a more minimal and yet developed sound, that showcases Polyklinik’s talent. You can listen to ‘The + EP’ in its entirety on Svetlana’s Website.

SVET006: The + EP by Polyklinik

Published October 18, 2011.