Prince Rama explode with new single

Prince Rama explode with new single Tribal-psychedelic sister-duo Prince Rama are one of the darlings of Brooklyn’s DIY art-music scene, and the new video for their upcoming single is a testament to that love. ‘Rest In Peace’ was shot at Market Hotel (one of our favorite NYC spaces and sadly only semi-active these days) and shows the band releasing their single….literally. Tied to a bunch of balloons and released into the heavens, ‘Rest In Peace’ spirals up in a wave of mystic chants and wails, pounding drums and cymbals pushing it higher until it vanishes with a crash.

‘Rest In Peace’ will be released on Prince Rama’s upcoming album Trust Now, due out October 4th on Paw Tracks.

01. Golden Silence
02. Incarnation
03. Portaling
04. Rest In Peace
05. Summer of Love
06. Trust