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Radio Soulwax ready to launch

Radio Soulwax ready to launch Radio Soulwax was the moniker that Soulwax adopted for their recent documentary film – Part of the weekend never Dies. Now the indie band turned world conquering DJ team have finally finished creating a real life (well internet based) Radio Soulwax. Compromising 24 hours of 2 Many DJs style mixes each hour covering genres such as acid house, hardcore punk and “weird synth music”.

Not only that but the sleeve artwork for every track that is playing in mix comes to life via an ever-morphing video which sounds like a bit of a trip to us. In a recent interiview with the Guardian the duo explained that “you wouldn’t want to see it on bad drugs…”. The service is also available as an App.

For the moment only their existing Introversy mix is streaming ahead of the launch next week which begins Monday 4th July with six hours of music, with a further 18 to follow.

Published June 30, 2011.