Ratcliffe’s first EP for almost 15 years

Ratcliffe's first  EP for almost 15 years

Ratcliffe is perhaps best known as Simon Ratcliffe who should be familiar to most as one half of Basement Jaxx. He released a couple of 12"’s way back when (last being City Dreams EP in 1995 ) and recently popped up to remix David Lynch and Throbbing Gristle.

Now he is about to release the frankly stunning Dorus Rijkers EP which is named after a Dutch lifeboatman called Dorus Rijkers as explained below;

"Dorus Rijkers was a famous Dutch lifeboatman and also the name of the street where I was born in Holland. At age 3 I fell into the creek that ran by our house. An old man reached down and pulled me out. Some kids took me home. I never saw the man again but always assumed he was Dorus Rijkers.”

The music is a swirling mix of syncopated rhythms, weird time signatures and poly-grooves and is apparently Ratcliffe’s attempt to reign in his Captain Beefheart, Weather Report, Lonnie Liston Smith and Frank Zappa influences. Sounds likes he has succeeded to us.

Check it the track ‘Tightrope’ below

Tightrope – Ratcliffe by Atlantic Jaxx Recordings