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RISING – Com Truise

RISING - Com Truise

Com Truise is only one of producer and designer Seth Haley‘s many personas. Born and raised in upstate New York, he produces a sound classified as “soft, window-fogging synth-wave” by his remarkable label Ghostly International.

His music clearly has an 80’s vibe and evokes a time when we still had our Berlin Wall. In other words, Com Truise creates a storm of beautifully arranged, acid inspired bass lines. Vintage synthesizers in bed with tacky drum beats, reverberating the vast sound of a large cathedral: sample-heavy beat-orchestrations we learned to love from the likes of Flying Lotus.

Since the release of his free Cyanide Sisters EP in 2010 and its re-issue via Ghostly this year, Com Truise has made the rounds on the internet. Now that he has a proper label contract, we can hopefully explore other releases of this talented and diligent artist in the near future. Don’t miss his outstanding artworks on his website, fly on his soundcloud featuring many of his excellent remixes aside some of his own tracks and watch the dreamy VHS-style video clip below: Com Truise, mah man.

Published April 08, 2011.