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RISING - Groundislava

Published on April 28, 2011 17:05 Berlin Time
RISING - Groundislava

Jasper Patterson, the Californian producer behind the Groundislava moniker is an electronic virtuoso. He combines futuristic synth lines with hacked Nintendo sounds, tight-fitting with the rhythmical style of the LA beat scene. Over all of his music is original 8-bit nostalgia, fused together in the most mind-boggling way. Some months ago he released a free EP called Book of Tech, filled with chip-music bangers that clearly showed what a master of synthesist he is. From warm and gentle to heavy and hard, Patterson’s sound-design creates dynamic shifts: the machines become organic and he’s pushing space and life into the great wide electronic landscape.

Recently he released his self-titled, full-length debut LP on the up-and-coming Friends of Friends label. A relatively small L.A. based indie operation – which is one of my favorite labels right now. According to Patterson’s website it’s been about a year in making his LP, but now there are 14 lush dance-pop tracks, layered with new vocal samples and airy synths – including remixes from heads like Clive Tanaka and Young Montana. The whole album is just an amazing collection of compositions that each speak on different aesthetic scenes of the world around us. With guest appearances from Shlohmo, Jonwayne, Jake Weary, and Young Montana, it’s shaped up to be an amazing experience.

While Groundislava, who is a member of the Los Angeles based WeDidIt Collective, sees his music as "nerdy shit" he’s deeply inspired by the house music and minimal techno (check ‘The Dig’ or ‘Stealth River Mission’). Listen to his whole œuvre on his MySpace below + check his latest work at his bandcamp. Finally, don’t miss his abstract, spooked out psychedelic-inspired video for Animal featuring Jake Weary below: